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 Code of Behavior (All Members And Applicants Must Read)

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Code of Behavior (All Members And Applicants Must Read) Empty
PostSubject: Code of Behavior (All Members And Applicants Must Read)   Code of Behavior (All Members And Applicants Must Read) Icon_minitimeWed 23 May 2012, 06:56

Divine Justice Code of Behavior

¤ Be respectful

Be respectful at all times, not only with members and friends, but also in general to all people.
Do not insult. We are a guild that is above that lower form of communication.
No matter what the situation is, be respectful. It is easy to continue a debate or confrontation without insulting.
Joking around and banter is of course acceptable, just know when to draw the line.
Do not steal. Do not take something from another member that is not rightfully yours. For example, items in the Guildhall are for every member to enjoy, but not take. If it is not yours, then do not take it.
Do not report a fellow guild member because you have a problem with him or her, contact a Royal Council member and we will deal with the issue.

¤ Be active

Have guild-chat open and check the Guild Forum regularly.
Try to be involved in the guild.
We understand that Tibia is just a game and that real life activities should be attented to first.

¤ Speak English

English only in guild-chat is a must if members who only speak English are online.
We do not mind you speaking in your home language to friends but once someone logs in either take it to PM or speak English.

¤ Do not bot

If we catch you using a bot you will be exiled from the guild immediately without warning.

Read our Botting Policy


The above list of codes is what is expected of all members of Divine Justice, they apply to all members at all times. Violating our Code of Behavior will lead to your exile from the guild, severe violations may lead to an entry in the Hall of Shame of Divine Justice.

Lastly, I ask all guild members to treat their fellow guildmate as they themselves wish to be treated.

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Code of Behavior (All Members And Applicants Must Read)
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