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 Best screenshot of the month contest!

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Best screenshot of the month contest! Empty
PostSubject: Best screenshot of the month contest!   Best screenshot of the month contest! Icon_minitimeSat 11 Oct 2014, 15:13

Hello, Divine Justice and welcome to the all-new contest: Best Screenshot of the Month! *Fanfare*

What is the contest about?

First of all the contest will be divided in three categories: Funny, Random and Epic Moments. You can participate in all 3 categories or only one, but the chances to win are better if you participate in all of them!  The contest will start the 1st of every month and finish on the 15th of the same month, from the 15th to the 30th will be time to vote; as long as people want to participate, the contest will keep going! *applause*

But what is every category about?

It's simple!
- The funny category can be from funny quotes people say in chat, to a funny event that happened in-game. Even a funny death counts!  Bonus points if the story behind it is funny, too! *woaaaah* FUNNY!

- The random category can be anything! loot from hunts, level ups, weddings, etc. RANDOM!

- And finally, the epic moments category: were you hunting and almost died but didn't? did you kill your first dragon with your bare hands and no spells? Did you block Orshabaal in your undies and lived to tell the tale? DID YOU JUST SOLO 9 DEMONS?! Well this is your category! Epic moments are epic! EPIC MOMENTS!

How do I win?

Just by posting your screenshot, you already win! Everyone will get a consolation price for participating to put on their houses, showoff, sell it or leave in your depot to rust forever! *crowd cheering*

But Ignatius, who will say who wins?

YOU! *crowd ooohs* People will have from the 1st to the 15th of every month to post their screenshots saying which category it belongs to, and from the 15th to the 30th, you will vote for the best screenshot! *applause*

Ok, but you still haven't told me how?

Easy! By sending Ignatius Sathemylan a letter with your votes! Divide it in the three categories already mentioned! And to give everyone a chance to win, you can only vote for each person in each category once per month! So if someone posts 3 pics on the funny category, 1 on the random and 3 on the epic moments, you can only vote for one of the screenshots! *heavy applause*

But October is already 10 days in, what now?

You have until october 20th to post your screenshots! And the votes will be made from October 20th to October 30th! *crowd goes crazy*

So go on and post your screenshots in this thread, everyone! *yaaaay*

HEY! What about prices?

Oh, right. The person with more votes on each category will get a golden goblet with his/her name on it and a SUPER MYSTERY FULL-OF-AWESOME PACKAGE! *crowd wows*
And remember, everyone will get a consolation price for just participating!

So go on ahead! You have 10 days to submit your screenshot, starting....NOW!
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Best screenshot of the month contest!
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