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 application - Sarky the Betrayer

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Sarky The betrayer

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PostSubject: application - Sarky the Betrayer   Sat 21 Feb 2015, 18:05

-Character Name:
Sarky The Betrayer

- Name
Bruno Neves

- Age / Country

- Vocation and Current level
Master Sorcerer, 72

- How long have you played Tibia?
About 1 and a half year ( the account was created a LONG time ago when my friends made me create one)

- How much do you play Tibia on a daily basis. (Hrs per day)
6 hours or so, except work days, where i just log and be afk making runes

- Do you have any other characters?
On Fidera: Sarky the Sharp and Sarky the Wingless

- Your past guilds.
Yotsubas ( Left due constant lags for playing in a european server )

- Have you ever received a notation/Banishment?

- List at least 5 of your closest friends.
Clubswinger - Real life friend for like 15 years already
Selken the wingless - Really good friend from secura, i owe him a lot for the tips and experience he provides me
Sephi Skywar/Serkorion - Friend from Secura and now here in fidera with me
Mayon Egg/Mayonegg the betrayer - Close texan friend which i love to talk
Videras retroras, Leader of the yotsubas guild in secura, and close friend from voip

- Do you have any friends in the guild? If so list them.
Selken The Wingless

- What do you think you will contribute to the guild as a person?
well, i like to help people sometimes, and i consider myself fun to play with ( i think ) and any knowledge i have iam willing to share.

- What do you consider to be your "Strong Points" and your "Weak Points" in your personality:
Strong point? i am strong willed, consider myself Just, and always try to talk before any drastic measures
Weak point? Sometimes i am depressed, and i can be kinda a bummer to talk to, i also drink sometimes, which in Teamspeaks and other stuff i may sound funnier than i already sound.

- Give one example (In Detail) of you showing teamwork skills or helping the community.
Played rugbi and American football for 4 year, and we had a blast together, i like to be a leader sometimes, to help people with any kind of problems.

- Why would you like to become a Divine Justice Member?
One of my friend spoke VERY highly of you guys, and thats a tremendous achievment, and i will follow him anyplace.
also i never had any problems with anyone from your guild, which is very nice.

- Have you read and understood the Code of Behavior?
Indeed, We actualy had something similiar on Secura, where we would try to trap bots in Farmine potions vendors
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Royal Council
Royal Council

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PostSubject: Re: application - Sarky the Betrayer   Sat 21 Feb 2015, 20:04

Application noticed.

A member of the Royal Council or Delita Heirall will contact you in-game to finalise your application.

Thank you for applying! Smile
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Royal Council
Royal Council

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PostSubject: Re: application - Sarky the Betrayer   Sun 22 Feb 2015, 02:48

Application accepted.

Thank you for applying and welcome!! Smile

15:43 Brionesjavier [148]: CHINUA > ALL
17:49 Plinn Boo [263]: CHINUA >ALL
16:17 Delita Heirall [223]: CHINUA > ALL
20:15 Nagorik [237]: CHINUA > ALL
18:07 Connor Sane [254]: Chinua for president
17:12 Captain Gus [241]: CHINUA NEW KING DELITA KICKED
21:11 Shiroi Kuma [63]: Chinua best knight ever o/
19:40 Drakkarys [94]: Chinua > ally
19:05 Jhoviin [167]: CHINUA > ALL
19:06 Empalix [157]: alyssa is god plx
20:19 Ivy Phoenix [234]: chinua > superman
20:05 Daedron Horus [190]: my god you are awesome

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PostSubject: Re: application - Sarky the Betrayer   

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application - Sarky the Betrayer
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