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 Application - Kyotu Soujiro

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PostSubject: Application - Kyotu Soujiro   Application - Kyotu Soujiro Icon_minitimeMon 13 Apr 2015, 09:35

Heya folks. Ill be answering what has been asked :p

- Character Name
Kyotu Soujiro

- Name

- Age / Country
23, Chile

- Vocation and Current level
ED, 47?

- How long have you played Tibia?
Over more than 12 years? god, maybe more

- How much do you play Tibia on a daily basis. (Hrs per day) A reasonable estimate is of course acceptable.
Really depends, but id say like 3h avg?

- Do you have any other characters?
I have a knight that i play with my brother, I know its acc sharing but its a facc acc who doesnt do anything but training, we wanna try to hit 100/100 solely for "entertaining" and maybe some kind of goal achievment :p

- Your past guilds.
Sacred Fraternity from Secura, I was a leader before going retired some years ago

- Have you ever received a notation/Banishment?
Yeah, banned for sayin "adult" words on world chat lmao, i said "I broke my fucking elvow" to be precise
Also had a notation because was cought with the hand on the dough by an invisible gm, i was tryin to teleport from deepest formorgar mines when was like lvl 75 :c, i was scared of walking back ;c (nothing so bad i guess)

- List at least 5 of your closest friends.
¿? skipped :p

- Do you have any friends in the guild? If so list them.
None but i met a lovely one named Housewife Cook, who told me to applicate :p

- What do you think you will contribute to the guild as a person?
Im quite active in the ingame chat, im lovely, kind and cute (h)
ull most likely get to know me if i get the chance to enter

- What do you consider to be your "Strong Points" and your "Weak Points" in your personality:
Im a stubborn dickhead who rather say thing by its name than going arround with sillyness.
Im quite happy, generous and helppful, never expect something in return but a thank you and maybe some cookies

- Give one example (In Detail) of you showing teamwork skills or helping the community.
On secura i made tons of low level quest services, like for lvl 80-, all free, nobody never died. I was the biggest seller on trade and at the forums on those days, even lending money and items to unknowns (after some minimum chitchat right) and sellin items which were paid afterwards (the data i gathered reveals a 78% of random securan actually paid :p) I also want to add that i was absolutely the only idiot who did this kind of arrangements, but i can gladly ad aswell that even when trusting in unknowns i found myself profiting

- Why would you like to become a Divine Justice Member?
Seem like a good guild, i know nearly nobody on the server. If its the guild i think it is, then it could be of great help

- Have you read and understood the Code of Behavior?
Yeah, the basic stuff. Im in
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Kyotu Soujiro   Application - Kyotu Soujiro Icon_minitimeMon 13 Apr 2015, 11:01

Hello Soujiro!

Your application has been noticed.

Thank you for applying! We will be in contact with you shortly!
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Kyotu Soujiro   Application - Kyotu Soujiro Icon_minitimeWed 15 Apr 2015, 05:38

Application accepted!

Thank you for applying and welcome to Divine Justice! cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Kyotu Soujiro   Application - Kyotu Soujiro Icon_minitime

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Application - Kyotu Soujiro
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