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 The Application Procedure

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Delita Heirall
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The Application Procedure Empty
PostSubject: The Application Procedure   The Application Procedure Icon_minitimeSun 16 Sep 2012, 11:28

The Application Procedure:

-After posting your application, it will be reviewed by our Royal Council members.

-The time it takes to review your application depends solely upon who you are (ie. if you are known to a group of members of the guild, if you have any criminal records and so forth).

-When your application has been noticed, that means the review has begun.

-You will also during some point after posting be contacted by a member of the Royal Council or myself for a brief standard procedure interview.

-After this interview and after your application has been reviewed, you will then either be accepted or declined.

-If accepted, you will be invited into the guild and be granted member access on these forums.
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The Application Procedure
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