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 Application -Taga Range Warrior

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PostSubject: Application -Taga Range Warrior   Application -Taga Range Warrior Icon_minitimeThu 20 Dec 2012, 19:27

character name -Tsaga Range Warrior
Name - Elias
age/country - 16 and USA
voccation and current level - Paladin level 15
How long you have been plaing Tibia - 9 years
how much do you play Tibia on a daily basis (Hrs Per Day) - 4-8
-Do you have any other characters - yes i do i have
1. Baybays Hubby
Druid - Level 18 Julera hidden
2. Capsaver
No Vocation - Level 1 Julera
3. Juggalo Lord
Sorcerer - Level 13 Julera hidden
4. Maad Knight
Knight - Level 15 Julera hidden
5. Maad Ownage
Paladin - Level 12 Julera
6. Tsaga Range Warrior
Paladin - Level 15 Fidera online
7. Unholy Matador
Knight - Level 8 Fidera
-Your past guilds - in julera i have been in a guild i am still in it (name Cartel De Julera)
-Have you ever receuved a notation/banishment - no
--list at least 5 of your closest friends - i have only one friend who plays tibia her character is named Baybay [world- Julera]
-do you have any friends in the guil? if so list them. - no
- what do you think you will contribute to the guilf as a person - i have experience playing tibia i am not the best leveler but i am good at finding infermation need for leveling and how to gain money if you are a low level.
-what do you consider to be your "strong Points" and your "weak Points" as a person - [strongpointp - I am very good with a computer and can get info very fast [weak point]- not best speller and i have very bad grammer.
give one example (in Detail) of you showing teamwork skills or helping the community. - i can show a low level erson where to hunt and how to make good money for his/her level if someone needs money and i have enough to give away i will not care to give away as long a it is a guild memeber who is respectful and iknow needs it no matter the level. such as r( espectful)character A level 9 "can i have 100 gp please" Me "let me check my balance to see if i have money to spare" Character A"Thank you i will pay you back" Me "no you wont have to i have plenty of money" (non-respectful) character B level 12 "hey dude give me money i need to go get a mana pot" Me" please ask me nicer" character B"no man i cant im in a hurry give me some money" Me "no this conversation is over thank you and good bye"
-why would you like to become a Divine Justice member- because i want to be a part of something bigger than just my self i need people to help and people to hopefully help me in return
- have you read and understood the Guild Ondex - yes i have and i understand
Tsaga Range Warrior

P.S. sorry for haveing to shorten my username it did not fit in the box
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Application -Taga Range Warrior Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application -Taga Range Warrior   Application -Taga Range Warrior Icon_minitimeThu 20 Dec 2012, 19:32

Application Noticed, Delita will get back with you shortly.

you only had to list your characters on Fidera, anways goodluck

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Application -Taga Range Warrior
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