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 Application - Eternal of Blade

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PostSubject: Application - Eternal of Blade   Tue 25 Jun 2013, 10:32

- Eternal of Blade
- Felipe
- I'm 18 years old, Brazil.
- Paladin, level 229.
- I've played Tibia since 2001, I don't remember exactly because i was 6 to 7 years old when i started.
- I play Tibia 3 to 4 hours per day, more or less.
- Amos Marus, Fidera.
 Vopazuan Elria, Fidera.

- I'm an old school so i can't remember all of them but i will try to give as much information as possible:
Olympic Gods, I left because the Guild ended.
Insane, I left because i transfered my character to Fidera. I came from Refugia.
Ultores, I left because guild ended.
Destroyers of Dreams, I left because guild ended.

- I never recived a notation or banishment.
- My closest friends are Enail, Kamui Matt, Guim Guim, Hayumi, Dread-Lion. I know that most of them are from Refugia, but they are people very important to me and even i'm on other world now i can't forget them.
- I don't know anybody in the guild.
- Of corse i'll. As a player and a person. I'm comunicative, friendly, honest and respectfull guy. I'm not a person who like fights. I like to talk wth people from everywhere, I'm loyal and i like to help everybody 
- Strong Points: patient, animated to do everything, curious, independent, open mind, very loyal and honest.
- Weak Points: I'm not fluent in English but i'm always trying to increse, I can't be online everyday for whole day and i don't know many people in Fidera.

Once when i was from Refugia Insane was doing an Inqui service and on the Dt seal few lurers lured so many monsters on us and on our clients, so my friend and me took as much monster we could and ran to end of the seal. We did this to save the team because blokers were not managing to hold all monsters. We both died but with this "time" that we gave to our team they took their positions and killed the seal easier.

I want to become a Divene Justice member because i'm looking for a nice guild to socialize. Since i came from refugia i joined in few guilds and tried to meet people but i just found people who tried to make me fool and thief me so i've been alone until now. I heard a lot about Divine Justice so I want to join to make friends, true friends, meet people and find my place on Fidera, find again all the fun and fellowship i used to see on this game. I just want to involve myself again.

- Yes, I read, understood and accept the Guild Codex.
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Royal Council
Royal Council

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PostSubject: Re: Application - Eternal of Blade   Tue 25 Jun 2013, 10:36

Application noticed.

Thank you for applying!

Delita Heirall or a member of the Royal Council will contact you in-game for a little interview. Smile
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Death Darkbane
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Royal Council

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PostSubject: Re: Application - Eternal of Blade   Wed 26 Jun 2013, 04:09

Application accepted!

Welcome to Divine Justice!

Everyone shall taste death. And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. - The Death Eater
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Eternal of Blade   

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Application - Eternal of Blade
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