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 The Promotion System

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PostSubject: The Promotion System   The Promotion System Icon_minitimeWed 26 Jun 2013, 09:56

The Promotion System of Divine Justice

Promotions are earned and given to members who truly embrace the Divine Justice values. However, there is a general promotion path that all members follow upon joining, this path is shown below.
Of course, it goes without saying that we reserve the right to promote a member however we see fit regardless of this path.
All promotions are announced in a designated promotion thread.

The Promotion System Trial-10Trial

You start out as a Trial member. To move on to the next rank, you must be in the guild for 10 days as well as be active.

The Promotion System Greenh10Greenhorn

You are now a Greenhorn member. Moving on to the next rank, you are required to stay in the guild for an additional 20 days, be level 50 or higher, as well as be active.

The Promotion System Partis10Partisan

You are now a Partisan member and have been in the guild for a minimum total of 30 days, moving on from this rank is a bit more challenging. Every once in a while, we will invite all members to partake in a special promotion process known as the "Regal Election", where members may freely and anonymously cast their votes on a various number of pre-selected candidates. Partisan members automatically qualify for candidacy if they meet the requirements.

The requirements for automatic candidacy are:
-Having been a Partisan for 20 days or longer
-Active in-game
-Active on our guild forum

The number of candidates as well as how many promotions per election may vary. Please note that Partisan members may be promoted without the process of a Regal Election.

The Promotion System Lord-s10Regal

You are now a Regal member. 30 days after your promotion to Regal, you may apply to become a Noble Guardian. Your application requires the support of all currently active Noble Guardian members as well as the approval of the King. Please note that Regal members may be promoted without the process of application.

The Promotion System Noble_10Noble Guardian

You are now a high ranking member of Divine Justice. If the King needs you for the Royal Council, you will be selected.

The Promotion System Royal_10Royal Council

The King's right hand and private Council.
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The Promotion System
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