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 The Ranks

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PostSubject: The Ranks   The Ranks Icon_minitimeWed 18 Sep 2013, 14:35

The Ranks of Divine Justice

1. King
It is my duty to uphold the guild's order and to make sure there are no disputes among the members.
No person will have more authority over executive decisions.

2. Royal Council
The King's right hand and private Council, the chosen ones of Divine Justice. It is a position given to the members who show an exceeding amount of loyalty and virtues of what the guild is about. Treat them as you would treat the King.

3. Noble Guardian
Noble Guardians are members who have excelled in showing leadership skills, they should guide our lower ranks along and always set a good example. Their excellent dedication and loyalty to Divine Justice is to be aspired. They are high ranking members who offer their area of expertise to aid and assist the Royal Council and the King.

4. Regal
Regals are the upper class of Partisan. They have established a higher understanding of what Divine Justice is about and they show an elevated sense of loyalty. They embrace our values as they show potential to grow further.

5. Partisan
Partisans are acknowledged members of Divine Justice, they have passed the introductory ranks and they have proven their credibility as full members of the guild. Partisan members are the core of our foundation and they represent all that Divine Justice stands for.

6. Greenhorn
These are our rookies of the guild, they have passed the initial trial period and they show that they have what it takes to become a Partisan.

7. Trial
These are our trial-members. Freshly invited they need to be involved in Guild Chat as well as the Guild Forum.

Special Ranks

This rank is reserved for inactive or former members of the Royal Council.

Missing In Action
This rank is reserved for retired or inactive members of the guild.

This rank is reserved for secondary characters who choose to remain on Rookgaard.

This rank is reserved for the guild's secondary/alternate characters.
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The Ranks
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