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 Application - Shinzera

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PostSubject: Application - Shinzera   Sun 06 Oct 2013, 12:18

Character Name: Shinzera

- Name: Thales Coelho

- Age / Country: 23/Brazil

- Vocation and Current level: Royal Paladin / 91

- How long have you played Tibia? 2001-2004 , now back in 2013

- How much do you play Tibia on a daily basis: 1-2 hours per day.

- Do you have any other characters?

- Your past guilds.

- Have you ever received a notation/Banishment? No, never.

- List at least 5 of your closest friends. On Tibia? Dizinex , Impe , Khyel The Dragonslayer

- Do you have any friends in the guild? No

- What do you think you will contribute to the guild as a person? I am a very talkative guy, and I'm always willing to help and learn from others.

- What do you consider to be your "Strong Points" and your "Weak Points" in your personality. Strong points: Fun and comprehensive. Weak Points: DK

- Give one example (In Detail) of you showing teamwork skills or helping the community. Im always talking on world chat to help the others.

- Why would you like to become a Divine Justice Member? Because Tibia is a multiplayer game and I wouldnt like to play it by myself. I want new friends and ppl who I can talk to and play together on this game. Im looking for new friends !

- Have you read and understood the Code of Behavior? Yes.
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Noble Guardian
Noble Guardian

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PostSubject: Re: Application - Shinzera   Sun 06 Oct 2013, 12:25

Application noticed

Thank you for applying! Delita or a member of the Royal Council will be in contact with you shortly.

With or without a Z.
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Royal Council
Royal Council

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PostSubject: Re: Application - Shinzera   Sun 06 Oct 2013, 12:54

Application accepted.
Welcome to Divine Justice & thank you for applying Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Shinzera   

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Application - Shinzera
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