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 Application - Mevok

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PostSubject: Application - Mevok   Application - Mevok Icon_minitimeTue 25 Jun 2013, 11:35

- Character Name

- Name

- Age / Country

- Vocation and Current level
146 RP

- How long have you played Tibia
10 years

- How much do you play Tibia on a daily basis. (Hrs per day)
A reasonable estimate is of course acceptable.
It can vary but when actively playing between 4-6 hours a day

- Do you have any other characters?
Please list each character.
 47 ED that’ll be xfer’d here soon, and also some other small characters on other worlds

- Your past guilds.
Please list each one and why you decided to leave.
 Last guild was Disbanned
The other guilds have been years since I have been a member of them to remember the few names and the reasons I left them

- Have you ever received a notation/Banishment?

- List at least 5 of your closest friends.
Miss Chaos, Martinie, Lavif at this time those are the only ones on this server or might be on the server that I can think of

- Do you have any friends in the guild? If so list them.
Just World Traded to this server so don't know anyone at this time

- What do you think you will contribute to the guild as a person?
Very funny and chatty.  Can make a GC crack up!  Random and hilarious all the time… I also like to consider myself evil... not your traditional evil more of a passive evil with ideas of using penguins to take over the world

- What do you consider to be your "Strong Points" and your "Weak Points" in your personality:
 Strong point is being very friendly and fun to be around, and weak point is being sarcastic and possibly somewhat crazy

- Give one example (In Detail) of you showing teamwork skills or helping the community.
We usually do Events for the guild for everyone to participate in.  We love doing those and put our time and money into it to make it real fun for everyone.   

- Why would you like to become a Divine Justice Member?
I have always disliked cheaters, botters and the such and your guild appears to have those same values and I would like to get to know more people on this server

- Have you read and understood the guild Codex?
We also wanted to add more about each one of us so you get to know us a bit more.

 From Ohio, USA.   I enjoy tinkering with computers and that is my main hobby as well as reading and spending time with friends.   Also play a lot of different video games.  I would say I am respectful and kind; I dislike upsetting people and am usually one to try to help settle arguments.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Mevok   Application - Mevok Icon_minitimeTue 25 Jun 2013, 11:39

Application noticed

Thank you for applying! Delita or a member of the Royal Council will be in contact with you shortly.
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Royal Council
Royal Council

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PostSubject: Re: Application - Mevok   Application - Mevok Icon_minitimeTue 25 Jun 2013, 11:50

Application accepted!

Welcome to the guild and Fidera!
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Mevok   Application - Mevok Icon_minitime

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Application - Mevok
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